A Break from Origin Stories

Batman Day is coming up this Saturday September 16th, and on this special occasion, fans around the world celebrate the Dark Knight's enduring legacy. While Batman is undoubtedly one of the most iconic superheroes in cinematic history, it's worth noting that his origin story, as well as those of many other characters, has been told... Continue Reading →

Superhero Movies of 2022

This post is a transcript taken from the Multiverseatile Youtube channel. Thor: Love and Thunder At number 5, we have Thor Love and Thunder. I was really looking forward to this movie. I've heard a lot of complaints about making Thor far too stupid, but I think my main issue is the way that they... Continue Reading →

DCU Announcement Hopes and Predictions

Welcome to Multiversatile, my name is Jake Long and in today's video, I want to talk about tomorrow's DCU announcement. I'll mention what I think will be announced and a few things that I hope will be announced as well. Well now we know that tomorrow, January 31st is “sometime” in January. All jokes aside,... Continue Reading →


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