The Real World Novel

If you enjoy the Multiverseatile videos and ideas about Superhero Movies and you like reading, you may enjoy my book, The Real World.

The Real World is a Science Fiction Dystopian Novel About a Young Super Soldier, Jayden Lancaster Traveling Across the Multiverse.

About The Real World Novel

Captain Jayden Lancaster is a super powered young soldier from a parallel universe where the volatile and destructive Omega bombs were used to destroy most of the population, and alter the genetics of the survivors nearly a decade after World War Two. From the ashes of destruction rose the Supreme Ministry, a militaristic government that uses brainwashing, advanced weaponry, and super soldiers to maintain order.

Airships of the Supreme Ministry

Fast forward to 2020, and the Supreme Ministry is still in search of more Omega crystals to fuel their tyrannical endeavors. They have scoured the earth destroying any freedom fighters that stand in their way. Now they have their sights set on traveling across the multiverse.

The island of Idem under attack from the Supreme Ministry

Devastated by the loss of his girlfriend, his family, and most of his people during the battle for his civilization’s first island, entering the multiverse is the last thing on Jayden’s mind. Although, he wants to put an end to the Ministry, he has witnessed first hand the annihilation that they are capable of. Jayden is constantly haunted by the memories leading up to this event. Prone to panic attacks, he’s not the same confident soldier that he was before.

Elena goes out to rescue Jayden using her psychic powers

But when one of his new allies is captured, and the safety of his people is compromised, he decides to use their portal to travel to a parallel universe where he meets his inexperienced alternate universe self who dubs this strange universe as the Real World and his as the Extreme World.

Jayden enters the Quantum Spectrum

Now, Jayden must learn to overcome his self doubt, and rely on old allies as well as new allies from the multiverse in order to prevent more worlds from suffering a similar fate as his.

Myles Barrett: Leader of the Faction and the man who needs Jayden to travel across the Multiverse
Callum: Head soldier of the Faction and a superhuman who can transform into a blue wolf man. He is part of Jayden’s team.
Lieutenant Xyla Gable is an agent for the Inter-Dimensional Protection Agency. She is part of Jayden’s team.

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