Could Captain America: Brave New World Reconnect the MCU

There has been a bit of a disconnect with the MCU and its numerous projects that have been released since Avengers: Endgame. A big example of this is the fact that a Celestial was nearly born out of the Earth in the Eternals movie, and another Celestial appeared in the sky warning the entire World of its possible destruction.

There are a few Marvel projects to come out before Captain America: Brave New World, but Loki, and the Marvels may be a little too out of this world to make sense of the MCU. It would be nice if the time line jumping Loki, or the cosmic Marvels could provide some link between all of these different shows, but if there is one project that should really bring everything together, it is Captain America: Brave New World.

Its predecessor, Falcon and the Winter Soldier didn’t do a lot of connecting, but there had only been a handful of projects when that show came out. And to the credit of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it had appearances by Rhodey, Sharon Carter, and Valentina Allegra De Fontaine who had all appeared in other projects. At the time, the MCU felt a little bit connected.

Now that we’ve had many many new movies, and shows come out, a lot has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it seems like none of the characters have noticed any of the big events from other movies. In Captain America: Brave New World, we are going to see Sam Wilson finally take on the mantle of Captain America (I assume), and it he’ll most likely be leading a small team of some sort. In Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we got hints of Torres possibly becoming the new Falcon, and maybe we’ll see someone else fighting alongside the new Captain America.

We know that Harrison Ford will be playing the role of Thaddeus Ross who has been a Hulk hunting general, and a superhero scolding senator in the previous movies. There are rumors for this movie that he will be or will become the President of the United States. Before the blip, he was rounding up superheroes, and arresting them, or having them sign the Sokovia Accords.

The new trailer for the Marvels shows promise of addressing Captain Marvel’s, and Photon’s experience regarding the blip, and it’s aftermath, but the upcoming Captain America movie has a great opportunity to show the effects of the blip, and everything that has happened through the eyes of many non super powered characters.

Sam Wilson’s perspective as both a superhero, and a non super powered character can provide valuable insight into the state of the MCU. Although Sam now has a lot of experience as a Superhero, he is still seemingly more in tune with everyday people than the android, alien, and wizard superheroes. A great way for the new Captain America to make his presence known is to look out for the little guy.

If nothing else, hopefully the rumors about the deceased Celestial becoming an island full of adamantium are true just so we know that these stories are connected.

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