Will Blue Beetle be in the DCU

Ever since it was revealed that James Gunn, and Peter Saffran would be the new heads of the new DC Studios, James Gunn has been revealing tidbits of information on Twitter or X, as it is now titled. These tidbits of news for the DCU have been exciting, sad, frustrating, and outright confusing at times.

There are many posts of James Gunn’s that we can go through to be confused but for this blog post, I just want to talk about one that pertains to the Blue Beetle being part of the DCU going forward. Before we get into the tweets or exes, or whatever they’re called, let’s take a look at what James Gunn said in his DCU announcement video back in January.

Regarding Blue Beetle, James Gunn said, “…then to move into Blue Beetle, a fantastic film about a kid who’s a marvelous part of the DCU, and then…” Before Blue Beetle, he talked about the Flash, and after, he talked about Aquaman. He said that Flash would reset the DCU which it did, but it’s highly doubtful that George Clooney will be Batman for the DCU, and Ezra Miller will likely not be the Flash. If those things are true, then my faith in James Gunn would begin to waver. Right now, I’m on the side of James Gunn, even though, I’m still upset about losing Henry Cavill, but I’m sure you don’t want to read about me wining about that. By the way, I wouldn’t mind seeing George Clooney again as a Batman from another universe).

For James Gunn to say that Blue Beetle is a marvelous part of the DCU makes me think that he and Peter Saffran have plans for Blue Beetle sometime later in the first Chapter of the DCU, and they will keep the same actor. My guess is that he will essentially behave the same, and his power set will be very similar, but the events in the upcoming Blue Beetle movie won’t have transpired in the DCU. Alternatively, the events in Blue Beetle may be secluded enough to fit right into Gunn’s vision for the DCU. We know that they mention Batman, and they might mention other heroes, but I don’t think we are going to see any of the DCEU versions of these heroes in this movie.

For a more definitive answer, let’s look at this post on X. “Yes. Blue Beetle (played by the wonderful @xolo_mariduena) & a handful of other characters will continue on in the DCU, even though the first DC Studios movie is Superman: Legacy (the first DC Studios project is the animated TV show Creature Commandos).” This post was a reply to a fan, and you may draw your own conclusions, but I think it reaffirms my comments in the preceding paragraph. It seems like there is a good chance that Blue Beetle will pop up in another project in the middle of DCU Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. It could be a Justice League movie, or he could appear in another hero’s movie, or project like Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, or the series, Lanterns.

If James Gunn, and Peter Saffran do have plans to make another Blue Beetle movie with Xolo, it makes sense that the events of this first Blue Beetle movie will be able to integrate into the new DCU. Otherwise, they’ll probably wait a little while to give him his own movie again. Of course, that’s just my guess. The Suicide Squad was a pseudo sequel to Suicide Squad, and the guy in charge of that is the guy in charge of the whole thing now, so if anyone can make it work, it’s him.

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