Can Captain Marvel fill the shoes of Captain America?

With Tony Stark and Steve Rogers gone, there is a leadership size hole in the Marvel Universe. They’ve been gone for 4 years, and their absence is still felt significantly. I’ll save Tony Stark for another post or video, but for today, I want to get into the nitty gritty of having no Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, I know, I know we got a new Captain America at the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and we have him coming back in Captain America Brave New World. However, Sam Wilson himself, Anthony Mackie has said that he doesn’t see the new Captain America as the leader of the Avengers. I’m paraphrasing him, and it could be that he is throwing us off, but if Captain America isn’t the new leader then who will be?

I know, I know

In the comics, the second Civil War series features Tony Stark and Carol Danvers leading two teams of heroes against each other. In the MCU, it has been made abundantly clear that Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) has a lot of planets in the universe to protect, so she doesn’t have the time to focus solely on Earth. This makes sense for space traveling characters like herself, and Thor. They have experience in space, and should be looking out for less fortunate planets who don’t have heroes like the Avengers.

The more I write this post, the more I hope Captain Marvel does not become the leader of the Avengers. I think Captain America (Sam Wilson), and Spiderman should become the new leaders. This would provide a fun dynamic since these two have somewhat of a rivalry. This is a tough call though, because Spiderman is such a wonderful solo character who also does well in a team up, but he’s not exactly a regular leader. His involvement with the Avengers is more like an on call type of thing, but then again, all of the Avengers go and do their separate things in between Avengers movies. And they often face threats that make me think they should call one or two of the other Avengers for help.

Two Leaders

Whether Captain Marvel becomes a leader of the Avengers or not, I do hope there are two primary leaders. It was unspoken, but hinted at that Steve Rogers, and Tony Stark were both the leaders of the Avengers. Tony Stark said that Steve was in charge, but Tony paid for everything. Steve gave out orders in battle, but I still think they were both the leaders. Steve had been protecting the Earth back in World War 2, and has the best tactical leadership skills while Tony Stark had a genius level intellect, saw first hand what weapons in the wrong hands can do, and well… paid for everything. If Captain Marvel is a leader of the Avengers, she will need someone else too who has skills that she doesn’t.

Captain Marvel isn’t used to relying on other people. She is one of the big guns, and she usually gets the job done calling her own shots. With how powerful she is, it may make more sense for her to be off world since she can pretty much neutralize most Earthly threats without breaking a sweat. Maybe she’ll have a power downgrade, or maybe they’ll be facing threats even more powerful than Thanos. On the other hand, Captain America (Sam Wilson) has a lot of experience working on teams, and it seems like he could be a great leader, but his power set is pretty low. If he can prove to be an excellent tactician then it might make the most sense to pair him up with Captain Marvel.

Reboot Resolution

That plan could work, but if I’m being honest, I’m sort of counting down the days until we get a reboot for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Avengers: Endgame, the quality of the MCU has been hit or miss, and while I do think they can still make great movies, I find myself wanting Tony Stark and Steve Rogers back. This is especially true when they have characters and story lines from the comics that heavily involved Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers. I’m pretty sure we’ll get them back for Secret Wars, but what happens after that?

So I guess the answer to my question in the title of this post is no, but she could temporarily provide a great leadership character for the Avengers and the MCU overall. Of course, that is just my opinion. You may think differently. At any rate, hopefully we will see some good development for her character in the upcoming Marvels movie, and hopefully we will get a new Avengers team as well.

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