Why I am Going to Watch The Flash Movie

There is a lot of controversy with the Flash movie given the actions of the star of this movie, Ezra Miller. It makes sense to not support this movie since Ezra Miller’s actions were extremely offensive. There is strong reason to believe that Ezra Miller committed violence against several different people. I won’t go into details in this post, but learning this about the star of an upcoming movie is enough to sway any potential audience member away. However, there are a few reasons why I still plan on going to see the new Flash movie.

Movies are a Group Effort

From my understanding, all of Ezra’s bad behavior came after the principal photography of The Flash movie. This means that a lot of people put in many many hours of hard work to make this movie a reality, and I think they deserve to have their work shown. If The Flash was just a one man show directed, written, and acted out by Ezra Miller then I wouldn’t go see it (although that does sound like one play that I might like to see).

Not only are there other characters played other actors in the Flash movie, there are also producers, writers, the director, editors, VFX workers, the cinematographer, the grips, the dolly operators, and all of the other crew members whose titles I’m not aware of, (or at least I can’t think of right now). And there are also extras, but never mind my ability to name the titles of people involved in the making of a movie, the point is, The Flash is a sculpture formed by many artists, and I am excited to see their work.

I mentioned the director already, but I think it’s worth mentioning him again. The director for Flash is Andy Muschietti, and based on the trailers, and everything I’ve been hearing about this movie, he’s done an incredible job. I know I just used a sculpture metaphor, but now I’ll transition to an orchestra, because Andy Muschietti as the director is like the conductor of the orchestra. I don’t know enough about an orchestra to venture a guess as to what instrument Ezra Miller plays in this scenario, but it’s the most prominent one, but Andy Muschietti is the one that makes sure all of the instruments work together in harmony.

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No Other Reason

I could go on to say that I’m going to see the Flash movie, because I am a fan of the character (even though I don’t know nearly as much about him as I do other comic book characters), but that alone wouldn’t be enough. I could also say that I am going to see this movie because I want to see what is left of the DC Extended Universe, but that wouldn’t be enough either. And not even the facts that Ben Affleck, and the legendary Michael Keaton are back playing their versions of Batman are good enough reason for me to go out and see The Flash.

Those are all things that I’m excited about, but the fact that it was a collaborative effort that was completed or mostly completed before all of Ezra’s inappropriate actions. If Warner Brothers had gone on to make The Flash movie with Ezra Miller after Ezra had done all of those things then I don’t think I should see the movie, but that is not the case, so I will be seeing this movie, and I really look forward to seeing Michael Keaton back in action as Batman.

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