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Welcome to Multiverseatile. My name is Jake Long, and in today’s video, I’m going to go over my thoughts, speculations, and expectations for the DCU movie, Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It may be a risk for James Gunn and Peter Safran to have their new DCU Batman movie premiere within what will possibly be a year or two of the Matt Reeves sequel to The Batman. However, I’m glad that they are going for it, and I think they are banking on their more hardcore nerdy fans like me and possibly you to explain the Elseworld scenario to our less nerdy movie going friends. And the most important factor will be the marketing overall. If the trailers are good, and word of mouth is good when the movies come out, there is no reason both of these Batman franchises can’t succeed.

DC Studios and DC Comics

Having said that, let’s look at what we have heard about this movie so far. There is going to be a Batman and there is going to a Robin who is Damian Wayne, Batman’s son. James Gunn also did utter the words Bat Family, and I think but maybe I’m just hoping that extends beyond these two. I like to think that there will be a Nightwing who has been doing his own thing for about a year, but teams up with Batman every once in a while, a Batgirl who helps out but is largely busy with college, a Tim Drake Robin, and none of them know where Red Hood is currently.

Speaking of Tim Drake. He was Robin when Damian was essentially dropped off at Batman’s doorstep and it could work to have him involved in the story, but James Gunn didn’t mention him. Having the rivalry between the Tim Drake and Damian Wayne could be a good thing for this movie and reinforce just how difficult Damian can be.

Batman Family Q-Master Diorama Statue

I can see the the three of them training together, but when the Bat signal shines in the night sky, Bruce tells Damian to sit this one out. Of course, he most likely would sneak out as soon as the dynamic duo leave. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The start of the movie would show Damian training with his Mom, Talia. They live with the League of Shadows of course. Year after year, Talia defeats Damian, but eventually, he wins so she tells him it is time for the next phase of his training (or next chapter of his training since this is the DCU), and that means that it is time for him to meet his dad. We cut to a Batman in his mid-thirties out chasing criminals with Tim Drake Robin.

Another criminal shows up in high tech gear, and starts killing the criminals. Batman and Robin manage to stop him, but he gets away. The heroes go back to the Batcave to recover, and gather clues about this strange new criminal. This guy is called Nobody, who in the comics convinces Damian’s Robin to join him. Anyway, the next day, Talia shows up and drops Damian off on Bruce’s doorstep. He allows them to stay in the guest house. Damian comes to dinner early, and we find out that Talia has already sneaked away. She leaves a note that tells Bruce that Damian is his son. Since he can’t really trust Talia on account of her being a criminal and all, he has Alfred conduct a DNA test. In the meantime, he attempts to be as cordial as possible. Damian is quick to show his brash personality, and attacks Tim Drake. With a sucker punch, Damian is able to injure Tim.

DC Comics

Now we’re back to the point where Batman needs to go out into Gotham again, and he tells Damian to stay behind. He probably locks him in his room with some food. I’m not really sure how he’s going to keep Damian there, and of course, no matter what he does, Damian is going to find a way out. So Batman is out fighting let’s say the Mad Hatter. Damian dressed as Robin shows up to help and nearly kills the Mad Hatter. I feel like this would be a good opportunity to have the Mad Hatter defeated but thinking he is going to Arkham and then Robin surprises him by nearly killing him. Batman stops him of course, but Nobody shows up and makes things even more difficult. Afterward, Damian says something along the lines of the criminals don’t actually fear Batman because he always lets them live.

At this point, Bruce might as well send this Damian to a juvenile detention center, but with the remainder of the movie, it would be nice to see some training between father and son. It would be great to see Nightwing show up, possibly as an attempt to keep Damian at Wayne Manor.

DC Comics

Some other characters that they hopefully work in there are Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl, Lucious Fox, and even a few of Batman’s villains like Two Face, Firefly, and possibly even Deathstroke. It would be a fun surprise if Deathstroke shows up and kills Nobody while he’s training Damian. I’m sorry if that is what happens and the 10 of you who watch this video have it spoiled here. Anyway, there is a way to interconnect all of these characters into one powerful story and I think James Gunn can find the right director and writer to pull it off.

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