Will there be X-men Disney Plus Shows and Specials?

This post is taken from the transcript of my Youtube video of the same name. This post is taken from a transcript of my Youtube video of the same name. The video can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Welcome to Multiverseatile. My name is Jake Long, and in a previous video I talked about Marvel possibly developing stories before choosing whether that story should be a movie show or a special and I think this could be a big thing for the introduction of the X-Men into the MCU. The world of the X-Men has so many characters different teams alien races etc. Honestly, if Fox wasn’t bought out by Disney they could have built an even bigger Universe than they already had, but thankfully the X-Men are now in the hands of Kevin Feige, and I’m hoping that in addition to X-Men movies, we get some shows, and specials.

There are so many story lines for the X-Men that we may not get to see much of the past lives of individual X-Men such as Storm, Gambit and of course Wolverine just to name a few. Off the top of my head it would be great to see a Disney plus special or series that centers around any one of these characters. For example, Storms past includes being worshiped as a goddess for controlling the weather as well as being mind controlled by the Shadow King to be a thief Those are just two things from her past but once you start developing the actual story you can see whether it fits best as a special a series or maybe even as its own movie.

The same thing can be said with Gambit who has a history of working for the Guild of Thieves. Watching him develop into an expert thief as he Masters his mutant powers and ultimately leaves behind his stealing ways sounds like it could be enough for a series but they might not know until they start writing the outline. And Wolverine definitely sounds like a series to me since he is over a hundred years old but maybe movies are still the way to go with him. Not that that always worked out before.

And other teams like X-Force and X Factor could be introduced in X-Men movies but get specials for those of us who want to see more of these. Let me know what you think; should X-Men characters have movies, shows, and or specials of their own? Also, if you’re looking for other Superhero Movie videos to watch I recommend Warstu and Total Blast. They both make entertaining and informative videos that I personally like to watch. Thanks for watching and take care.

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