Justice League: Elseworld First DCU Movie Idea

This post is taken from a transcript of my Youtube video of the same name. The video can be seen at the bottom of the page. It was made before James Gunn announced that Henry Cavill would no longer play superman.

Hello and welcome to multiversatool my name is Jake Long and in today’s video I’m going over a  theory for how the new DCU could look under the  direction of James Gunn and Peter saffron we all know they’ve been busy working on the details  recently and it is very exciting to think about the future of the DCU in the meantime here is a  little theory that I cooked up that can integrate and finalize Snyder’s Vision while giving us a brighter DCU. The future is what matters and bringing hope, optimism, and joy to the character.

We start out with a Justice League that hasn’t been a team for long. In fact Batman, Superman, and  Wonder Woman have faced Doomsday, but the Green Lantern was able to save Superman by taking him closer to the Sun. Steppenwolf came to Earth but the Justice League united and stopped him leaving Darkside to resort to an Old-Fashioned invasion. (“We will use the old ways,” -Darkseid). But it hasn’t happened yet. Our story picks up with the Justice League team that is preparing for war. Wonder Woman training the Amazon’s, Aquaman training The Atlantians, Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, and Superman pushing themselves further and further and Batman has his own smaller team with Robin and Batgirl. He and Superman have been Heroes for about 10 years.

This Batman could be an older version of Pattinson’s Batman or a different one altogether. This Batman, however doesn’t want his mini team to fight in the upcoming War so he has been busy working on bat drones that  can help in the fight against Darkseid. He has also been launching armed satellites into space and constantly looking to improve all of their suits and tools.

In the beginning of the movie  Superman pays a visit to Black Adam. Feeling threatened, Black Adam starts a fight. Superman takes the fight away from the city and after several good blows, Black Adam stops fighting. He agrees to leave the rest of the world in peace. Superman mentions that a war is coming and  mentions the Black Adam could be a great Ally to have. Black Adam says that he will protect Kandaq no matter what. Superman approaches Shazam about the impending War.

Superman meets  up with Green Lantern and they go to check on Wonder Woman in Themyscira. Batman and Robin are out patrolling in the Bat Plane monitoring their bat drones and head back to the bat cave. Robin goes  up to get some sleep and Batman gets a surprise visit from the Ben Affleck Batman who asks for help in his world. The justice league agrees to go to the Snyderverse world to turn Superman good again and defeat Darkseid.

Superman takes Batman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg with him while the superheroes in the Snyderverse enact their plan. Darkseid’s first wave of soldiers arrives in the DCU world the Green Lantern Corps unite just out of Earth’s atmosphere and Robin takes the bat plane out. Flash and Aquaman prepare for battle as well as the people of Atlantis. Shazam joins the green Lantern Corps in the sky. What the heroes do from here remains to be seen.

That is the premise for the potential first DCU movie I had a little trouble with titles, for example Justice League Dark World, Justice League Apocalypse, Justice League Injustice could work but that’s a lot of Justice in the title. My personal favorite is Justice League Elseworld. Let me know what you think about the titles and this premise overall. How would you do things differently? What do you think James Gunn and Peter saffron are going to do? Thanks for watching and take care.

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