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Welcome to Multiverseatile. My name is Jake Long and in today’s video I’m going over a Wonder Woman movie idea that I have for the DCU. We start off with Wonder Woman living in modern society going about her normal day as Diana Prince, a historian working at a museum that specializes in ancient Greek culture in a big city somewhere in the states or possibly London, or maybe even Paris. Of course, none of this so far is a big difference from what we’ve seen before.

At some point, we find out that Wonder Woman left Themyscira to help humans during World War 1 and then again during World War 2. She wanted to help out years later during other wars such as the Korean War, and Vietnam but her mom convinced her to stay in Themyscira. Her mom’s reasoning is that the Amazons shouldn’t get involved unless the old gods or creatures from the old world attack the Earth. Diana thinks that they should help more than that especially since they train to fight constantly, and the supernatural influence of gods like Ares and Hades exists within humans even when those gods aren’t out there causing mayhem themselves. With other types of supervillains starting to appear in the world, Diana recently chose to leave Themyscira and set up a new permanent home among the humans.

Diana does have a few work friends who she occasionally hangs out with. She even goes out on a date that one of her work friends fixes her up with. She makes up an excuse to shorten the date, because she doesn’t want to risk getting too attached to someone. She goes out to protect the city and saves a couple from a mugging. She goes home and looks at her belongings from Themyscira, especially a clay sculpture of her mom, Hippolyte.

The next day, she goes to work again, and makes up some excuse for why her date didn’t go well. Diana ends up working late and while she is at the museum, a marble statue of the Nemean Lion comes to life and attacks her. After a fight that takes her throughout the museum and causes damage to other museum pieces, she manages to defeat the lion. Other artifacts transform into real life “mythological” creatures like a centaur and a giant warthog. Suddenly, Flash shows up. He says that they need to get out of there. Wonder Woman insists that they can’t leave these creatures running around the museum and risk them going into the city. While they are fighting, Flash admits that he is actually the messenger god, Hermes in disguise. He came there to warn her that Hera has found out that Diana is the illegitimate daughter of Zeus and Hippolyte. This is actually the first time that Diana learns this information as well (that might be a little too unbelievable but I’m going with it for now). While they fight the creatures, Hermes continually tries to convince Wonder Woman to leave. She rebukes him for being a god and wanting to run away. She eventually defeats all of the creatures with little help from Hermes.

They find a safe house and regroup. Hermes talks about how Hera has historically made life horrible for all of Zeus’s illegitimate children and has tried to kill them. She has even been successful in the past. She asks if any of them have survived and Hermes mentions Hercules and how Hera eventually gave up her pursuit with him, but Hermes also doesn’t know where he is. Wonder Woman decides to go to the Old World (name pending) which is the alternate dimension located in Greece and it is the location of Themyscira. Diana’s plan is to go to Mount Olympus to search for Hercules. This way, she will hopefully protect mankind by being in the Old World. Hermes doesn’t want any part of this plan, but he was going to go back there anyway because that’s where he lives so he decides to be her tour guide. He might have an idea of where to find Hercules.

There are a few portals to the Old World all along the edges of Greece. They enter one of them and Wonder Woman has to face down many more creatures of Greek Mythology. Along the way, she makes another ally and finds out that there are humans in the Old World as well. The people there are the descendants of the strongest worshipers of the gods in ancient Greece. While they search for Hercules, Hera sends the witch Circe to plague the earth, specifically Greece. Before Wonder Woman can find Hercules, she has to go back to the real world to defeat Circe.

And that is it for the premise of my Wonder Woman movie. Just to clarify, Wonder Woman going back to face Circe would be at about the halfway mark,but this means there are still more obstacles for Wonder Woman to face and she still needs to find her long lost brother, Hercules. Anyway, let me know what you think about this premise if you’d like to, and please hit that like button if you liked the video, subscribe if you want to see similar videos, and thanks for watching. Take care.

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