Avengers: Worlds Collide

Avengers movies have been avoided in Phases 4 and 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it has been in favor of more individual or small team up movies. This reasoning makes sense, but without the Avengers movies, the MCU feels very scattered. An Avengers movie with some dark Avengers from another timeline attacking our world could be the right project to make sense of the multiverse while connecting the heroes who survived the Infinity Saga with the new heroes of Phases 4 and 5.

There is a rumor going around again that there will be a Nomad movie about Steve Rogers (Captain America) bringing the Infinity Stones back to their proper time lines. We saw him leave in Avengers: Endgame, and we saw him return as an old man, but it could be exciting to see Captain America on an adventure of returning the stones and running into some trouble along the way or right after. This movie sounds like a good way for the MCU to focus on the Multiverse and I think another project that would help with this focus is a movie titled Avengers: Worlds Collide.

This is not an official title for an MCU movie, or even a rumor. There are rumors or maybe just hopes for an Avengers: Battle World movie in which heroes from the 616 time line would team up with heroes from the other time lines and fight bad guys or something along those lines. That would lead up to the Avengers Secret Wars movie. There is another rumor going around that Secret Wars may be split into two movies. If that is the case, it could make it so that the first movie fills the purpose of what an Avengers: Battle World movie would be as well.

The idea for Avengers: Worlds Collide is specifically about the heroes from the 838 time line that we saw in Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness coming to Earth 616 to seek justice for the deaths of the Illuminati. After the Scarlet Witch murdered the members of the Illuminati from Earth 838, Baron Mordo could turn to dark magic to travel to Earth 616 in order to hold Wanda accountable for her crimes. This movie could start out in a similar manner to Captain America Civil War with heroes from both timelines fighting, but holding back. With the use of dark magic, the heroes from Earth 838 could become more and more deadly.

Since there is currently no Avengers team on Earth 616, this would be a great opportunity for the new Captain America to gather a team. The heroes from Earth 838 would get to the 616 timeline, and find that Wanda is presumed dead. They would then go after Dr. Strange who they see as an accomplice of the Scarlet Witch. Spiderman and Captain America would come to his aid as well as the Hulk, She-Hulk, Shang Chi, and of course Wong. On the 838 side, the team could have heroes like Iron Man, Black Widow, and even members of other teams like Human Torch from the Fantastic Four, and Wolverine from the X-men. After all, the X-men and the Fantastic Four would be looking for justice for the loss of Professor Xavier, and Mr. Fantastic.

In this theoretical movie, there could be some real character development with the heroes from the 838 timeline which could help enhance the effect of the Multiverse saga. As it stands, many audiences may not be invested in the 838 timeline. While some movies and shows from Phases 4, and 5 have had nothing to do with the Multiverse saga, the ones that have, seemed to not quite capture the concept in a way that resonates strongly with audiences. Part of that seems to be that characters from alternate timelines are difficult to be invested in.

In the latest Multiverseatile Youtube video, I talk about how the MCU X-men and Fantastic Four teams could come from other timelines than the main 616 timeline, and when the Multiverse saga is over and there has been a massive timeline war, there could be a new timeline that contains the survivors of the old timelines. Franklin Richards who is the son of Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), and Sue Richards (Invisible Woman) could use his reality altering abilities to bring the survivors to a new timeline.

In this potential Avengers: Worlds Collide movie, there could be some heroes from the 838 timeline who will eventually move over into the new time line that will be created after the impending Multiversal war. At the very least, a character like the Wolverine from 838 could be very similar to the Wolverine of the new timeline and be portrayed by the same actor.

Whether or not a movie like Avengers: Worlds Collide is made, hopefully there will be more movies and shows that dig into the concepts of the multiverse in ways that appeals to comic book fans and general audiences alike.

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