Antman and Luis Quantumania

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Welcome to Multiverseatile, my name is Jake Long and here we talk about superhero movies. I must warn you, this video contains some spoilers for Antman and the Wasp Quantumania. There is a good chance that you heard that Michael Pena’s character, Luis is not in the movie. Even the director has come out and talked about Luis’ absence so hopefully I’m not the one spoiling it for you here. Anyway, since I really like the character of Luis, and I know many of us fans do, I went ahead and dreamed up a version of the movie that has him in it. This wouldn’t fix everything in the movie, but it could help. And I’m not saying there weren’t some good and even great things in the movie, because there were, but let’s get back to Luis.

The movie starts off with Janet Van Dyne living in the Quantum Realm so this is before she was rescued in the events of the second Antman movie. Short story even shorter, she meets Kang. Then we have a voice over by Antman himself, Scott Lang who is going about his day talking about how happy his life turned out to be, and we see that he is reading from his autobiography at a book store. He gets a call from jail and picks up his daughter, Cassie. Scott, Hope, and Cassie talk about the state of the world after the snap and blip (not to be confused with the bend and snap from Legally Blonde) and they listen to Scott’s book on the way to Hank and Janet’s to have dinner. They end up talking about how Hank, Hope, and Cassie have been working on a secret project involving the Quantum Realm. They go out to the lab or shed or whatever and explain that they are going to send a signal to the Quantum Realm.

Alright, here is the part we’ve all been waiting for. Since Scott didn’t know about this secret project, he already had plans to hang out with Luis, and Kurt (I guess Dave would be out since TI is in trouble) so they come over just as everyone is getting pulled into the Quantum Realm. Hank could tell Scott how to shut down the quantum vacuum, before he gets pulled in and then Scott tells Luis as he shows up. Luis and Kurt manage to get the quantum vacuum turned off just after Scott goes into save Cassie. Then Luis and Kurt look at each other dumbfounded.

From here, we would go into the Quantum Realm and follow the events of the movie as usual. About one half or two thirds of the way through the movie, we cut back to Luis and Kurt working on saving the Antman team. The lab is a mess. There are open boxes of pizza. Notes and schematics everywhere. Kurt asks Luis if Agent Woo said when he would get there? Luis tells him that he did not. Then we fast forward to the end of the movie where Luis and Kurt get the portal open and save the team. After Scott and Hope come back through the portal, Scott sees that the lab is now a disaster. Papers everywhere. Pizza everywhere. Scott looks at a couple of sleeping bags and then looks to Luis for an answer.

Luis explains that he didn’t know how long it was going to take and then he goes into one of his famous monologues, saying something along the lines of, “After you and your Ant family disappeared, Kurt, and I were working like crazy to get you back but we didn’t really know where to start, so I was like, Kurt you start looking at all of these notes and schematics and see if you can figure something out while I try to find Agent Woo’s phone number. After a minute, I asked Kurt what he thought and he said, I think they got pulled into some sort of Quantum Vacuum thing, and I said oh that’s not good, and then I found Woo’s number and I called him, and told him how you guys got sucked into the Quantum vacuum thing, and he said, oh that’s not good, and then he hung up, and so I didn’t know what to do, but he called me back five minutes later, and said I called Bruce Banner, and I said no way you called the Incredible Hulk, and he said yeah and he’ll head right over, and I said the Incredible Hulk is coming over here? And he said yeah, but he also said, it’s not his area of expertise so Woo said that the Incredible Hulk said that he’s going to call Dr. Bill Foster, and I said oh yeah I remember that guy. He worked with Dr. Pym. That’s a good idea. So the Incredible Hulk called Dr. Foster, and told him about our situation, and guess what Dr. Foster said.

Scott replies with, “he said he would come over since he’s standing right there.”

Luis then says, “Yes,” and nods while smiling. “And the Incredible Hulk came too.”

After that, we would see Luis and possibly Kurt in the closing montage hanging out with the Ant family. And I know, the actor that played Kurt voiced the goo guy, but I think the two characters sound and definitely look different enough that it would be believable. By the way, the movie also disregarded the whole Ghost and Bill Foster story line, but that is a topic for another time. Anyway, let me know what you think about this incorporation of Luis into Antman and the Wasp Quantumania. Do you have any other ideas that you’d like to add? Also, I’d appreciate it if you click that like button, and subscribe for more similar videos. Thanks for watching and take care.

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