5 X-men Villains that the MCU Needs

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Welcome to Multiverseatile. My name is Jake Long, and in today’s video, I’m listing off five X-men villains that I think we should we see at some point during the 3rd Saga of the MCU.

#5 Fabian Cortez

He is a powerful mutant from the X-Men universe. He is a member of the Acolytes, which is Magneto’s team that he forms later on after his version of the Brotherhood had disbanded. Fabian has the ability to augment and siphon other’s power levels. The Acolytes including Cortez go up onto Asteroid M, and Cortez ends up betraying Magneto. He tries to have the base destroyed with Magneto in it, making him a martyr. However, he is unsuccessful. Of course, in the MCU, he doesn’t need to do the exact same things, but it would be interesting to have a superhuman who can augment or weaken other superhumans.

#4 Avalanche

He is a member of Mystique’s roster of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and he has the ability to generate seismic waves. He often wears a purple and black horizontal striped shirt. He has an arrogant and brash personality, often taunting his enemies before using his powers to cause devastating earthquakes. His seismic waves can cause buildings to crumble and can even cause natural disasters in some cases.

It’s hard to find a lot about Avalanche. It seems like he is often a part of each story just to be muscle. However, I believe more can be done with this character. In the animated series X-men Evolution, Avalanche actually had a fairly big role and had a lot of influence on his Brotherhood teammates. But the main reason, I think it would be great to have him is in fact because I think his powers would be spectacular to see on the big screen. And with his powers, he can not only fight the X-men head on, he can also distract them by endangering innocents who get caught in the path of his seismic waves.

#3 Omega Red

He is primarily a Wolverine villain, but he has given multiple members of the X-men plenty of trouble as well. Omega Red has carbonadium tentacles coming out of his body. Carbonadium is a metal that is nearly as strong as Wolverine’s Adamantium claws. These tentacles are not only super strong, they can absorb the life force from anyone they touch. He also has enhanced physical strength, and regenerative powers.

Omega Red has a history of targeting mutants and this may be due to the fact that his Carbonadium synthesizer was stolen by none other than Wolverine, and the other members of Wolverine’s old team, Team X a long long time ago. The Carbonadium that gives Omega Red his powers also slowly kills him unless he has the Carbonadium Synthesizer.

Omega Red may be better suited as the main villain in a Wolverine movie, or show, but his power set, dark past, and malevolence make him a prime candidate for the MCU’s 3rd Saga sooner rather than later.

#2 Shadow King

The Shadow King is a powerful psychic entity and one of the X-Men’s most dangerous enemies. An entity of pure psychic energy, Shadow King has been able to possess other forms and has been living in the astral plane. He is a master of mind control and can possess and control the minds of mutants and humans alike. He is also capable of creating illusions, manipulating memories and using telepathy to read minds. His powers make him a formidable foe, and his appetite for destruction and chaos make him a true villain. He is a powerful force to be reckoned with, and an enemy to be taken seriously.

He tormented Storm when she was a young girl growing up in Africa, and this is when Professor Xavier discovered Storm as well as the Shadow King who was possessing the body of a criminal. The Professor was able to defeat the Shadow King, and sent him back to the Astral plane. This character was utilized in the non MCU show, Legion which was about Professor Xavier’s son, but it will be nice to see him as a part of the MCU. We’ve seen the Astral Plane before with Dr. Strange, and it would be fun to explore it further.

#1 Mr. Sinister

Sinister is a mutant supervillain and one of the most powerful and dangerous enemies of the X-Men. He is a master geneticist and has a keen intelligence, able to manipulate and alter genetic material to create unique superhuman powers and abilities.

Sinister has the ability to shapeshift and his powerful telekinetic powers allow him to control the minds of others. Of course, he is nowhere near as powerful as Professor Xavier, but who is. He is a master manipulator and strategist, often playing a long game to achieve his goals. His ultimate goal is to create a master race of mutants, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. He is a formidable foe, and the X-Men have faced him many times in battle. He is particularly obsessed with Cyclops and Jean Grey, and even orchestrated the creation of their genetic son Cable by creating of a clone of Jean Grey when she had died for a time. He was once an ally of Apocalypse, but now he works hard to oppose the warmonger, and the creation of Cable was part of his plan.

Sinister is too good of a villain to pass up and it is only a matter of time before we see him in the MCU. The Fox Universe had plenty of time to utilize Sinister, and they almost did, but now the MCU has the exciting opportunity to introduce him to the big screen so hopefully it happens.

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