Punisher in the MCU: Daredevil Born Again Series

This post is the transcript of the Multiverseatile Youtube video of the same name.

Welcome to Multiverseatile, my name is Jake Long and reports are coming in that Jon Bernthal will return to play the Punisher in the upcoming Daredevil Born Again Series. This is super exciting news for many reasons. I believe that Jon Bernthal has said something a long the lines of, he didn’t want play as the Punisher again if it was a PG-13 version.

Now while, I see his point for this and he may have changed his mind since Daredevil Born Again will be on Disney Plus, I feel confident that Jon Bernthal feels confident that we will see a Punisher in the MCU that does justice to the one in the comics. If it’s done the right way, I believe The Punisher character can still be portrayed in all of his violent vengeance filled glory and still exist in a PG-13 movie or show as the case may be. The directing, acting, cinematography, and overall story of the project that the Punisher is in can affect this. However, I do understand reservations on this.

The fact that Jon Bernthal is back also gives me confidence that they aren’t going to fundamentally change the character as I have heard they are in the comics. I’ll be honest, I only have a few comics with the Punisher in them, and I haven’t looked into much detail into what they are doing now, but I’ve heard stories. I understand that the Punisher is outside of the law, and he goes too far. I think that is exactly why he should be included in the MCU.

One story that I particularly like is when he meets up with Captain America’s Avengers in the first Avengers Civil War event. After the Punisher kills some men, Captain America proceeds to beat Punisher nearly to a pulp. The Punisher doesn’t even fight back because he sees Cap as his hero. He sees Cap as the reason that he enlisted. There is even a reference that they are the same man just from different wars. Cap, of course detests that idea, but as the reader, it makes me think, would Cap have acted any differently if he lost his family the way Frank Castle did? Maybe not, in fact there’s a good chance, he wouldn’t, but part of him would want to.

It’s concepts like this that really make stories about superheroes interesting. Anyway though, that’s all for me. If you like the video, please hit that like button and subscribe for more related videos. Also, what do you think about Jon Bernthal coming back to play Punisher? And please feel free to leave any other related comment if you feel so inclined. Thanks for watching, and take care.

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