Superhero Movies of 2022

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Thor: Love and Thunder

At number 5, we have Thor Love and Thunder. I was really looking forward to this movie. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about making Thor far too stupid, but I think my main issue is the way that they treated Gorr. One of the predictions that was going around before the movie came out was that Gorr would have an epic battle with Zeus and kill him. I didn’t want Zeus to die, and I wasn’t horribly disappointed with the way he was portrayed in the movie, but I think it probably would have been better to have this prediction come true. Although, I do like the fact that Hercules is now coming after Thor. But the issue still remains, Gorr was underutilized as well as was Thor to be honest.

I think a better movie would have been an epic journey of Thor and a small team traveling to a few different planets in an effort to save the gods and defeat Gorr. Jane gaining the powers of Thor still could have worked in there too, but maybe done a little differently. Eternity could have been in there too, but the journey to get to it, could have been more difficult. Thor and his team could have raced to Eternity following Gorr and helping other gods along the way. We could have even had him learning about his ability to share his powers and he could have learned it throughout the course of the movie.

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

For my number 4 spot, I have Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This one was fun and I enjoyed some of Sam Raimi’s horror elements, but I was ultimately disappointed with this movie. The multiverse stuff was fun but could have been better. Bringing in the zombie strange was a nice touch and making Scarlet Witch a creepy witch was good, but the chase sequence through tunnels underneath the Illuminati headquarters didn’t quite work when they were running and just stopped and waited for Scarlet Witch to show up.

Having the Illuminati in the mix was cool, but having Xavier so easily defeated in the realm of telepathy was irritating. I would have preferred an epic battle where Dr. Strange joins in and Scarlet Witch has to get away. She doesn’t have to be all powerful to be a major threat. Overall, the spotlight seemed to shine a little too much on Scarlet Witch and America Chavez, but I do look forward to a third movie, and I hope to see most of these characters again soon.

DC’s League of Superpets

Number 3 is DC’s League of Super Pets. This movie is mainly about Superman’s dog Krypto, but there are many other pets and even humans like Lex Luthor and the members of the Justice League who play a big role. None of the characters seem superfluous. Although, some of the turtle’s comments were a little strange for me. The main story is about Krypto learning to let go of Superman’s complete attention and learn how to make new friends.

Ace (the dog who in the end belongs to Batman) has a strong back story that allows him to relate to Krypto and Batman. The villainous guinea pig, Lulu has an unrequited love and devotion to Lex Luthor that is entertaining to say the least. The actual superheroes get a good amount of screen time and the other pets have their own journeys as well. This is more of a kid’s movie than the others, but I think the more serious movies can learn from it.

Black Adam

My number 2 superhero movie for 2022 is Black Adam. While this movie is quite obviously derivative in some ways, it was refreshing to see a superhero movie that focuses on its title character. While the movie does bring in the Justice Society, it still centers around Black Adam and his journey. The action scenes were fun to watch and I enjoyed the fictional city of Kandaq and its history. The dynamic between Dr. Fate and Hawkman was enjoyable and it felt like they had been working together for a while. Although, it did seem like Dr. Fate didn’t really need to die and I’m not sure how Hawkman was able to control the powers of the helmet. I’ve heard complaints about the kid, and while I don’t think he was the greatest, I don’t think he was the worst either. However, the sequence with the family and citizens fighting zombies in the streets felt unnecessary but I know they wanted to show the city uniting.

I’m not necessarily against CGI armies but I think I would have rather seen them throwing random items at the devil guy like New Yorkers did with Green Goblin in the first Spiderman movie. Anyway, overall, I thought it was a good movie. Admittedly, I might have placed it here because I had such high expectations for Thor and Dr. Strange, but I think this is where it belongs, and I feel like Dwayne Johnson was working hard to save the DCEU so I appreciate what he was trying to do and the fact that he got Henry Cavill back for a second. Even though the movie didn’t do well, I would have loved to see Black Adam come back in one or two other movies as part of an ensemble before coming back for a sequel. But only James Gunn and Peter Saffran know what’s going to happen now.

The Batman

And finally, my number 1 superhero movie pick for 2022 is of course, The Batman. This provided us with the third take on Batman in the last decade alone. While I am always excited for a Batman movie, I initially felt a little disappointed about the announcement of this movie because I want to see more of Batman interacting with other heroes. Luckily, this was a really good movie. I’m honestly not surprised though since Batman is awesome. I feel like The Batman was inspired by Christopher Nolan’s trilogy but Matt Reeves definitely created his own Batman world.

The Riddler was the perfect antagonist to introduce us to the more detective side of Batman. I think that Dark Knight trilogy did show us that aspect of Batman, but not to this extent. Robert Pattinson played the role very well and even perfected the Batman voice that Christian Bale started. Although, I think I still prefer Kevin Conroy overall. Paul Dano found the perfect amount of actual weirdo without going too campy or silly, and everyone else was on point as well. Colin Farrel never ceases to amaze me, and his performance as Penguin is the furthest from an exception. Both he and his make up artists to deserve awards.

It was exciting to learn the history of crime and corruption that made Gotham what it is today. The flooding of the city seemed like a careless oversight from city officials and city planners, but it is such a cool concept that I don’t even care. Furthermore, I think the success of The Batman showed the executives at Warner Brothers that the DC brand wasn’t dead but the DCEU might be damaged beyond repair, and now with the rebranding into the DCU, it looks like they’re not looking to repair the old model but to start brand new. However, I think The Batman will have its own world separate from the DCU. No matter what though, I look forward to seeing more of it.

Anyway, that is my ranking for the DC and Marvel movies that came out this year. If you liked this video, I’d appreciate it if you clicked that like button, and if you feel so inclined, leave a comment below. If you rank these movies differently, let me know, and if you want to see more similar videos, click that subscribe button. Thanks for watching and take care.

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