How Thunderbolts Vs Sentry Could Work

This post is a transcript from my Youtube video of the same name.

Welcome to Multiversatile. My name is Jake Long and today, I’m dishing out a Thunderbolts movie theory based on rumors and reports that we’ve heard so far. In my last video, I talked about the rumor that Ryan Gosling or Alexander Skarsgard are up for a role in the Thunderbolts and how that role might be Sentry, so if you would like more info about Sentry and the Thunderbolts movie, be sure to check that out here.

Just picture this, the movie starts off with Allegra going out to gather her final Thunderbolt, The Winter Soldier before they are sent on their first mission as a team. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the public, General Ross is now the President, and he is still overseeing super soldier experiments. If he can’t have the hulk’s blood, he’ll settle for that of Red Guardian, Winter Soldier, U.S. Agent, and most importantly Abomination. Ross has Samuel Sterns aka the Leader running the experiments.

They convince Winter Soldier to join them at least for now in order to take down Baron Zemo who they say has been committing acts of terrorism. Once they bring him back, they interrogate Zemo for information regarding super soldier experiments all over the world. They even mention the Weapon X program in Canada. The Thunderbolts infiltrate these bases and gather the information while Winter Soldier grows more and more concerned about Ross’ intentions.

Bucky realizes too late and is imprisoned while The Leader works on perfecting the formula. They decide to leave out the sample of Hulk’s blood that they somehow obtained. They bring in Robert Reynolds, a drug addict who may or may not have volunteered for this procedure and give him the ultimate Super Soldier Serum.

When things don’t go as planned and the Thunderbolts are way in over their heads, Ross uses the formula with the hulk’s blood to clean up his own mistakes. He becomes the Red Hulk and fights well against Sentry but is still outmatched. In the end, Abomination, and even the original Hulk come to the rescue. The original Hulk unleashes his full power potential in order to overcome this monumental threat. Unfortunately, this power comes with the full potential of the Hulk’s rage. This is is going to lead to a World War Hulk storyline.

However, like I said in the Sentry in the Thunderbolts video, this would leave the team on the sidelines, so I’m not sure how I feel about this direction. Anyway, though let me know what you think they should or shouldn’t do for the Thunderbolts movie and if you think they are going to introduce Sentry, and if so how should they? That’s it for me today. Please hit that like button or don’t if you really don’t want to, and subscribe if you want to see similar videos. Thanks for watching, and take care.

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