Deadpool 3: Road Trip, Fantastic 4, and TVA Plot Details Theory

This post is a transcript of my Youtube video of the same name.

Hello and welcome to Multiverseatile. My name  is Jake Long, and today I’m going to share my  ideas for a Deadpool 3 movie based on rumors and  reports that we’ve heard so far I hope you enjoy we last Saw Deadpool in Deadpool 2 and that’s  where our story picks up with Deadpool running across the timeline causing Mayhem he’s killing  all sorts of bad guys maybe some good guys and possibly everything in between I would imagine  he soon takes a break from The Killing because he feels lonely so naturally he goes and finds  his pal Wolverine now since Deadpool was able to arrive in the Wolverine Origins movie and  kill that Deadpool it’s very likely that his time machine can take him to whatever time or  timeline he wants to go to so we can potentially end up with whatever Wolverine the story needs.

For now my take will be that he Scoops him up in the very first X-Men movie ever made this  is where Logan was a Drifter making money from cage fights. Wolverine discovers that Rogue is in  his trailer and while they are arguing Deadpool considers snatching him away but Logan notices  him Deadpool tries to convince him to leave by lying and saying that thing are going to be Bleak  in his life for a while and he can go around the timeline killing bad franchises with Deadpool when  Logan refuses the offer Deadpool decides to ask for a ride instead he offers chimichangas to sway  Logan’s decision the scene from X-Men takes place only this time Deadpool is there driving along  in the camper truck in between Logan and Rogue  

Deadpool is trying to think of what happens next when Sabretooth knocks a tree down causing Logan to crash Deadpool watches Logan get tossed in the  air Deadpool moves to attack Sabertooth but gets caught in cyclops’s Blast meanwhile in another  timeline he who remains has a secret base that has just been discovered by another king it will  be minutes maybe even seconds before the Invaders break through not everything is ready but he  who remains decides there is no other option and transports him and the remainder of his team  into the quantum realm where more of the team are waiting an advisor shows up and tells him that  not everything is ready he who remains informs  him that they need to organize the timelines quickly because Kang could potentially trace him.

There he shouts out to ravana and Mobius and asks  them for an update they show him they have made a lot of progress but someone is creating timelines  faster than they can clean them up back in what was the first X-Men movie Deadpool and Logan wake  up in the basement of the mansion and Professor X speaks to them telepathically leading them  upstairs after some confusion they make it into Xavier’s office Deadpool agrees to stay there  but Professor X can tell that he is lying and he is planning on sneaking away Professor X says it’s okay they are free to go Deadpool accuses him of reading his mind but Professor X assures him  that Deadpool is just a bad liar Deadpool then tries to convince Logan to join him on his quest  again and take up the name Wolverine Logan just wants to know who he is Deadpool tells him that he won’t tell Logan who he is because he’ll show him using time travel he also points out that he didn’t have a lot going for him back in the cold mountains of Canada. Deadpool explains that he was supposed to get Logan out of there before he got too attached Logan worries about Rogue and who these X-Men are but Deadpool assures him that she’ll be fine. Unfortunately Logan starts talking  to Jean so Deadpool tries his luck with the X-Men and whispers they’ll probably be better off without Logan since Magneto can toss him around like a voodoo doll anyway but he doesn’t want  to say that to Logan because he wants to keep his confidence up.

Deadpool turns back to see  Logan scowling at him having obviously heard what he said Deadpool exclaims it looks like I  forgot about his super hearing it’s amazing what one whispered from the mouth can do Deadpool  then tells Professor X to search his mind and Xavier can tell that with time travel and what he  knows Deadpool can provide the answers that Logan is looking for Deadpool thanks them and asks them  for another favor it is then that he reveals that although his time machine will take him to any  time that he wants it will not take him to any place something must have happened when Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yu-Gi-Oh fixed it so in order to get around faster Deadpool would like to rig  Wolverine’s camper truck up to be what he refers to as the white trash time machine so they can get around faster he asks for BEAST’s help but he’s not there so Xavier and Jean give Beast a  call and they all figure it out together as they say goodbye. Deadpool says you know what, since you’ll be missing a grumpy companion referring to Wolverine of course. Deadpool teleports away and teleports back with cable tied up and yelling for his time machine to be returned cable breaks free and shoots at Deadpool but accidentally hits Logan knocking him out cable shoots again but Deadpool deflects the shot and sends a back at cable who gets knocked out Deadpool heaves Logan into the truck and as they drive away Deadpool shouts Scott and Jean can thank me for the family pre-union later. The truck disappears in a Flash as it reaches the end of the driveway.

A grumpy confused  Logan wakes up in the new version of the blue and yellow costume Deadpool tells him you’re welcome  for not giving him the underwear over the pants version and wolverine attacks him for waking up in  a strange place with a strange man who apparently just dressed him they have an epic and hilarious  fight that ends in a draw because they both keep regenerating Deadpool takes Wolverine to the  bar from his other two movies so they can get a drink have a smoke and talk it over the bartender  friend weasel is there and if they need to recast the character I think Rob mcelhenney would be a  fun choice this way we get to see Ryan and Rob in a movie together and Deadpool can make a joke  about recasting referencing the Hulk war machine or whoever seeing TJ Miller back in the role would  also be a fun option weasel then convinces Logan to become Wolverine and go with Deadpool on this quest.

Mobius and Ravana show up right after they leave. Deadpool then brings Wolverine to Striker and they kill him even though Wolverine doesn’t remember him Deadpool takes him to his childhood home with which is a mansion and Deadpool teases him for not being able to enjoy the Spoils of being a rich kid. Here we can introduce a character named Dog who is Wolverine’s half-brother (not Sabertooth). In the comics, he’s a time traveler so he can stalk them through time Wolverine and Deadpool Go and Kill Ajax Deadpool wonders why he didn’t do that before at the facility dog saves  slayback a mercenary that Deadpool thought that he killed about a year before he was recruited  to the facility Deadpool and Wolverine then go on a quest to kill all of the other Deadpools because Deadpool wants to see if the plot line from Jet Li’s movie the one is true and if you  will really get stronger with every Deadpool variant that he kills.

After discovering that  he can’t really kill any of the Deadpools he switches things up and destroys some franchises  meanwhile in another timeline the Fantastic Four from the 2000s movies are fighting a king  variant in a year that will later be determined. Deadpool and Wolverine show up just in time to see  all of the team members killed except for Human Torch played of course by Chris Evans. Deadpool and Wolverine managed to save the Human Torch even though they were originally going to kill all of them. A Thanos variant then shows up and fights Kang Deadpool mentions that Thanos looks very  familiar they managed to kill Kang but Thanos turns on them during their battle Wolverine claws  Thanos across the face another king shows up and breaks Thanos’s time travel machine and sends  Thanos on a one-way trip back to wherever he came from he invites the good guys to join him or die they defeat a large chunk of his army and he Retreats Human Torch then takes them to a  safe location where he explains that there is a multiversal war going on he explains that Kang is  at the center of it Deadpool points out that the first king died and the second one retreated so how bad can they be.

Human Torch then explains that there are potentially endless versions of Kang  and some of them are more powerful than others . He also explains that Thanos played a big part in defeating the first Kang that they fought and now he is gone so they need to get him back. Deadpool and Wolverine think that’s crazy since he turned on them but they decide to join in on the battle  that’s when dog and slaybacks show up with three versus two they start to lose the TVA shows up  and arrests the good guys while the two baddies get away Deadpool Wolverine and the Human Torch  are processed in the TVA while Mobius and Ravana explain to the group all of the trouble that they  have been causing for them Deadpool lets it slip that Human Torch didn’t do it. Wolverine vouches  for him as well Human Torch thanks them but the TVA prunes him leaving Deadpool and Wolverine feeling guilty. The TVA asks Deadpool to list all the changes that he made and where he went  he’s on to them so he says that he won’t tell them where he went but he’ll go back and fix everything with Wolverine.

The TVA reluctantly  agrees to the terms and Deadpool Wolverine and Mobius head out in their white trash time machine to fix the timeline eventually it is discovered  the Deadpool ended up creating the MCU which is a great timeline as far as he who remains is  concerned so they stop him from destroying it however they also discovered that he created the  first timeline that resulted in the first evil Kang who began time traveling he who remains  still decides to allow Deadpool to join the MCU since the Deadpool of that timeline is gone. They will however monitor the MCU to make sure Deadpool doesn’t mess it up.

Eventually Slayback, and Dog track them down again and they make things difficult for fixing the timeline. If you have anything you’d like to add, things you’d like to change, please feel free to comment below and if you have knowledge of a better Deadpool villain to include in the movie please comment below I don’t  know a lot about Slayback but from what I’ve read he’s some sort of zombie cyborg who really doesn’t  like Deadpool. All things accounted for this may work better as a Disney plus what if special  regardless thank you for watching subscribe if you want to see more similar content. Like if you like it, and I’ll talk to you next time. Take care.

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