X-men in the MCU Multiverse Saga

After seeing the X-men’s Professor Xavier pop up in Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, and with Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania coming out this week, I thought it would be fun to think about what other X-men characters could pop up in the upcoming MCU movies, and shows.

Before I go any further though, let me just clarify that I don’t actually think these appearances will happen, and if they did, it would be hard for them to not detract from the primary stories of these movies, and shows so I don’t necessarily want them to happen, but it’s very fun to speculate.

These X-men could be from any universe really, but the one that makes the most sense to me is the 838 Universe that we saw in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This is because an incursion with 838 and 616 is already very likely which means there is a rift between those dimensions. Some 838 X-men could end up in 616 by accident, or on purpose looking to avenge Professor Xavier. Although, wouldn’t that make them Avengers? Sorry, bad joke.

Anyway, there is a rumor that only certain projects will have to do with the Multiverse, and that makes sense because it appears that that is how it has been so far, and it seems that movies like Guardians of the Galaxy have a specific story to tell that doesn’t really involve the Multiverse.

I heard on a video by Den of Nerds who heard on the Cosmic Circus podcast that Antman and the Wasp Quantumania, Loki Season 2, The Marvels, and Agatha Coven of Chaos are the only upcoming projects that have something to do with the Multiverse, and I’m guessing that they mean until Kang Dynasty, and Secret Wars come along. Whether that’s true or not, I’m going to speculate about all of the projects because I really like the X-men, and I think it would be fun to see them pop up.

The first one is, of course, Antman and the Wasp Quantumania. I think a fun one for this would be Nightcrawler. When Nightcrawler teleports, he travels through the Brimstone Dimension which is kind of scary like the Dark Dimension where Dormammu lives, but with all of the Multiverse madness going on, Nightcrawler could have ended up in the Quantum Realm somehow because of the rift between 838 and 616 and got stuck there.

It would be fun to see Nightcrawler as part of the resistance against Kang. He could teleport within the Quantum Realm, but he just can’t figure out how to get out, and now he’s decided to join the cause. Of course, the big hope is that we see the Fantastic Four in the Quantum Realm maybe as a post credit scene. After all, if they are down there, it doesn’t mean that the Antman team is going to run into them, but that’s a topic for another time.

Alright so for Secret Invasion, I have an off the wall never going to happen situation (which is honestly most, if not all of these), but here it goes. Cyclops is angry about the death of Professor Xavier so he asks Beast to create a device that will allow him to travel to the 616 Universe without causing more damage. Wolverine would go with him, and maybe even Beast. However, Beast might stay behind to keep an eye on things in the 838. It’s hard to see Cyclops just going into another universe to execute someone, but if it’s about Professor Xavier, it makes more sense. Cyclops should be smart enough to take a bigger team though.

Now since, Scarlet Witch is presumed dead, they end up getting caught in the middle of the Secret Invasion and help Nick Fury and the others. This would be a fun opportunity to see Cyclops and Wolverine interact with Nick Fury, but it wouldn’t definitely detract from the overall story. While I like Tye Sheridan as Cyclops, I think James Marsden would be the better pick for this hypothetical situation. It would also be good to see his James Marsden’s Cyclops interacting again with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

Secret Invasion probably won’t involve the Multiverse because it already has a premise that shakes things up quite a bit. However, there is a chance that these invading Skrulls could be from Earth 838. After all, the Skrulls in Earth 616 seem to be very peaceful. We know that there are other not so peaceful Skrulls, but evil inter-dimensional aliens crossing over and secretly invading sounds more exciting, and it would further exacerbate the incursion between 616 and 838.

Marvel Comics

What if? Season 2 provides many opportunities and the first one that comes to mind is to have the Avengers meet the X-men from X-men the Animated series. Overall, What if? might be the best place for introducing X-men characters into the Multiverse of the MCU. Now that I think about it, I wonder if What if? Will involve any characters from the 616 Universe or the 838 Universe. After all, there is now a Guardians of the Multiverse so they could end up traveling to one or both of those timelines. This would be a great opportunity to give a small adventure to characters who we haven’t seen much lately. Off the top of my head, Mordo from 616 could be off causing Multiverse issues, and perhaps the TVA has been after him. I wonder if we’ll see the TVA in What if? Now that would be fun.

In Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, it would be fun to see the Starjammers who are space pirates, but sort of good guys led by Corsair who is none other than Cyclops’ dad. Now they’re not actually X-men and we haven’t seen previous iterations of them in movies, but that would be cool. As far as actual X-men, maybe the Phoenix from the latest X-men Dark Phoenix movie.

They do however, have a lot going on in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie with Adam Warlock, Counter-Earth, and the High Evolutionary among other things, and a being as powerful as Jean Grey Phoenix would seem to detract from that even if she pops up briefly. However, the Guardians will need some help going up against Adam Warlock, but they’ll probably figure something else out. And while seeing Sophie Turner back in the role would be cool, I’m hoping they have a good appearance planned for Famke Jannsen eventually even if that’s only in Avengers: Secret Wars.

Marvel Studios

On to the Echo series. I think a good one would be Gambit who was a member of the Guild of Thieves. I don’t know if Gambit and Echo have ever crossed paths in the comics so it’s very unlikely, but it might be fun to see Gambit end up in the 616 universe, and either the good guys, or the bad guys hire him to steal something. There was only one appearance of Gambit in the Fox Universe and that was with Taylor Kitsch in X-men Origins: Wolverine. I think he did a pretty good job, but we never saw him as one of the X-men so it’s not really the same feel as seeing Patrick Stewart come back as Professor Xavier. Speaking of Gambit though, I do hope that Channing Tatum is considered when it comes time to cast the new X-men in the MCU.

Now onto Loki Season 2, there are so many options. Since the TVA are going to be in Deadpool 3, it might be fun to see Deadpool in Loki Season 2, and even Wolverine as well. Honestly, with Loki being a series and having the Multiverse setup at the end of Season 1, Season 2 would be a great opportunity for the TVA to travel across the Multiverse, and have Loki meet all sorts of variants of many different Marvel characters.

It would be fun to see Storm, especially the Age of Apocalypse Storm who is dating Wolverine so yes, once again, I’m bringing Wolverine back into the picture. The AoA Storm and Wolverine really are a cool power couple so that would be fun or even just a traditional Storm. Alexandra Shipp would be great to have back, but Halle Berry is an iconic Storm so either way would be a win.

Honestly, some of the newer faces of the Fox Universe like Sheridan as Cyclops and Shipp as Storm might work once the X-men find a permanent establishment in the MCU main universe. Also, if the Fantastic Four don’t show up in Antman, Loki would be a good place for them as well, especially if the theories and rumors are true about them being stuck in the Quantum Realm.

Marvel Studios

The first X-men character that comes to mind for The Marvels is Rogue, but that seems a little mean. In the comics, Rogue uses her power on Captain Marvel so much that Carol Danvers falls into a coma and Rogue gains her powers. Since the 838 Universe seems to have the traditional X-men, their Rogue probably already has her powers of flight, super strength, and invulnerability. And if Rogue were to absorb the powers of Captain Marvel in the 616 Universe, she would get even more power than that. They could even have Captain Marvel recover fairly quickly.

Even though this would be a fun nod to the comics, it doesn’t seem likely. However, something like this could happen. After all, The Marvels is one of the projects rumored to involve the Multiverse. It would be cool to see Anna Paquin reprise her role as Rogue and team up with the Marvels a little bit. They could battle at first for a bit, and Rogue could absorb Captain Marvel’s power, but only for a small time just as a reference to what happens in the comics. Alternatively, she could avoid absorbing Captain Marvel since she put her 838 Captain Marvel in a coma.

With Ironheart, it might be entertaining to see Jubilee cross over and interact with Dominique Thorn since they could be about the same age. Unfortunately, Jubilee wasn’t a major character in the Fox movies, although she did make appearances. It seems like if Jubilee pops up in the MCU, it should probably be the version of her character that is going to be moving forward, and we don’t even know if Jubilee will be part of the X-men team in the MCU.

Another interesting idea would be seeing Storm meet Ironheart. A lot of people were hoping to see Storm in Wakanda Forever, but that understandably didn’t happen. In the comics, she marries T’challa, but with T’challa gone, it’s hard to say how she would work into the story. She is from Africa so they could have her somehow stumble upon Wakanda, but Africa is a big place and there was already a lot to tell in the Wakanda Forever movie. They may save that for the future though, and have a young Storm meet T’challa Junior.

For Ironheart though, Storm from 838 could mysteriously end up in 616 and become a great temporary mentor to Ironheart. Storm often watches over Jubilee (at least once in the 90’s series, and once in a book I read) so the two of them could be together when they end up in the 616 Universe. Again, it would be fantastic to have either Halle Berry, or Alexandra Shipp play the character again, however, Berry might be a better choice for a more experienced mentor.

Since the demonic Mephisto will be the antagonist in the Ironheart show, Storm would be a good choice for another reason since she also has experience facing a psychic demon of sorts known as the Shadow King. Although, he is technically a mutant. And their team up would be a fun opportunity to have Storm supercharge Ironheart with lightning as a reference to when Thor supercharges Ironman in the first Avengers movie.

Marvel Comics

Next up is Agatha: Coven of Chaos and I don’t have any X-men characters for that one, but I hope it is a good show. Dardevil: Born Again would be a good alternative for Gambit to show up, or maybe even Beast. Beast would also be fun to see in Captain America: New World Order, or Thunderbolts. I’m not sure which X-men would fit well into the Blade movie, but maybe Beast again since he is a Biochemist, and he could potentially help Blade fight his thirst for blood. It would be fun to see Nicholas Hoult or Kelsey Grammar come back. Also, Wolverine does have a run in with vampires in the comics, but they can’t just throw Wolverine into everything or maybe they can.

Deadpool 3 is the one where we will probably get most of our X-men fix, and hopefully, Deadpool will be coming into contact with all sorts of universes. One theory is that Deadpool will be killing the Fox Marvel Universe or something along those lines. The theory is based off of the alternate universe story line where Deadpool kills everyone in the Marvel Universe.

Whether that happens or not, it does seem that he will be interacting with the Fox Universe since when talking to Hugh Jackman, they mention that Logan is set in the future so the events of Deadpool 3 won’t effect that time line. Whatever happens, this is probably the best place to see the X-men characters, and it would be amazing if we saw more of the X-men from Earth 838 in Deadpool 3.

For Armor Wars, I mentioned in a Youtube video that it would be fun to see Dr. Trask trying to steal Stark tech to make or improve upon his Sentinel Program. Even if he is just from another universe, that would be a nice Easter egg. As far as actual X-men go, Beast could be a good here as well. Perhaps, Beast follows Trask into Earth 616 and works to prevent him from stealing the Stark tech. Spiderman:

Freshman Year, and Marvel Zombies are more animated series and probably best left to their own thing (although that is the case for most of these), so I’ll just say that I don’t have any X-men appearance speculation for those two series’.

Marvel Studios

Fantastic Four would be another good one for Beast as he could interact with Mr. Fantastic. If it’s the Beast from 838, he will be happy to see Mr. Fantastic since Wanda killed the 838 Mr. Fantastic. They could be in the Quantum Realm, and Beast ends up there, and helps them to escape. Another fun one would be to see The Thing and Colossus battle it out for a bit before becoming friends, or if they team up to take on Juggernaut.

A few other projects worth mentioning are Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse, Kraven the Hunter, X-men ’97, and Madame Web. With the first two being Sony projects, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll involve anyone from the MCU unless it’s Tom Holland’s Spiderman, but that doesn’t seem probable either.

As you can see, all of this leads us to Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. There might be some other projects in there, but we don’t know about them yet. Kang Dynasty, and Secret Wars are the most promising Multiverse prospects and I’m sure we will see a lot from them so I’ll save my speculation for those movies for another time.

As you can see, many of these X-men appearance ideas are quite outlandish, so I like I said before, I don’t expect to see most of them, but it would be incredible to see some X-men characters pop up in Phases 5 and 6 of the MCU. And hopefully, they will be actors from the Fox Universe wearing costumes that are close to comic book accurate. If not, I am expecting that we will see them in Phase 7.

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