How the X-men Canon Can Fill in the Cosmic Gap When the Guardians of the Galaxy Leave

It’s been said that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will give us the last story for the current version of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but their may be a new team in the future. It’s still sad to say goodbye to Star Lord, Gamorra, Rocket, Groot, Mantis, Nebula, and even Kraglin. I guess Cosmo the Space Dog is in there too. However, if there isn’t a new team of Guardians any time soon, the vast library of stories contained within the X-men canon could potentially fill in the void made by us losing the plucky heroes that we all know and love. Here’s how.

The X-men Canon Contains Many, Many Alien Races

The Brood

Marvel Comics

The Brood are an alien race that are feared throughout the universe. They are an insect-like species with large wings and sharp claws. They have a hive-mind mentality and are highly aggressive, preying on other species to reproduce. They also have the capability to mutate other species into Brood warriors. They are often used as henchmen in the X-Men comics, with their presence usually being a sign of impending doom. The Brood are relentless and cunning, making them one of the most dangerous and feared enemies in the X-Men universe.

The Phalanx

Marvel Studios

The Phalanx are an alien race from the Kvch race in the X-Men comics. They are a part-organic, part-technological species that are capable of assimilating other life forms and absorbing their knowledge. The Phalanx have the ability to transform into a hive mind, and can control and manipulate technology with their minds. They also possess superhuman strength and durability, and can drain energy from their victims. The Phalanx are a powerful and dangerous race, and have been a major threat to the X-Men on several occasions. Despite this, they have also aided the X-Men on occasion, showing their capacity for both destruction and collaboration.

The D’Bari

Marvel Studios, Marvel Comics

The D’bari are a powerful alien race of shape-shifting warriors originating from the planet D’bari V in the X-Men comic universe. They possess the ability to transform their bodies into any form they choose and can also manipulate their mass and density. These formidable foes are incredibly strong and durable and have a natural affinity for energy-based powers. Despite their intimidating presence, the D’bari are a peaceful race who have been known to work together with mutants in the past. They are fiercely loyal to their own kind and will always stand up for justice.

The D’bari have already shown up in the movie, X-men Dark Phoenix, and they weren’t so peaceful in that movie. Although, they did have their reasons for wanting to get rid of the Phoenix. Since there are many other aliens to meet, and the MCU already has the shape-shifting skrulls, it might be best if the D’bari play a small role if any at all in the next decade or so of the MCU, but at least they are there if needed for a future movie or show.

They Have an Army…. or an Empire and an Army

The Shi’ar Empire

Marvel Studios

Although the Shi’ar are a race of their own. They have created a vast empire like the Kree who have been portrayed in the MCU already. The Shi’ar Empire is a powerful intergalactic race of aliens in the X-Men comics. They are known for their advanced technology, formidable military power, and their ruthless aggression. The Shi’ar are led by their Empress, Lilandra Neramani who strives to lead her people the right way, but her predecessor and brother D’ken was a ruthless leader.

The Empire has clashed with the X-Men multiple times, attempting to eliminate mutants as a threat to their rule. They have also clashed with the Shi’ar’s rival, the Kree Empire. The Shi’ar Empire is an ever-present threat to the peace of the universe and its inhabitants. Its vast resources, formidable military might and ambition for galactic domination make it a force to be reckoned with.

In the comics, the Shi’ar Empire is heavily involved with the events of the two Phoenix Sagas, and they were nowhere to be seen in either of the Fox movies about Phoenix, so that is one opportunity that the MCU has to make their take on the Phoenix unique. The Shi’ar Empire also has their own team of extremely super powerful beings known as the Imperial Guard led by Galactus who is a near copy of DC comics Superman. Of course, he has purplish/bluish skin and a mohawk so he’s actually way different. Anyway, all of the stories involving the Shi’ar Empire including Professor Xavier’s relationship with their leader Lilandra make this alien empire a must for the future of the MCU.

The Starjammers: Saving the Best for Last

Marvel Studios

In the X-men canon, there is a ragtag space faring team similar to the Guardians of the Galaxy, and they are known as the Starjammers. The Starjammers are an interstellar pirate crew that first appeared in the X-Men comics. Led by Corsair, the team consists of a diverse group of alien species, including Ch’od, Hepzibah, Raza Longknife, and their pet mummified alien, Cr+eee. They are a band of galactic freedom fighters, sworn to oppose the tyranny of the Shi’ar Empire.

Their ship is the Starjammer, equipped with advanced interstellar technology and capable of hyperspace travel. The Starjammers have often allied themselves with the X-Men and have been instrumental in defeating major threats to the entire universe. And one of the greatest things about the Starjammers is that their leader Corsair is the father of the X-men’s leader, Cyclops.

As you can see there are so many characters, and stories about space that come from the X-men canon, and it would be a shame for the MCU to not utilize at least half of them. Of course, hopefully, we will continue to get some Guardians of the Galaxy movies as well. It might be hard to accept a new team, but it is possible if it’s done right. If they do a reboot of the MCU and somehow have Star Lord still on the team, it would be fun to see the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Starjammers meet, and have Star Lord think that Corsair could be his father, and Corsair think that Star Lord could be his son. It could make for an interesting story, but we probably won’t get that one until the next reboot.

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