DCU Announcement Hopes and Predictions

Welcome to Multiversatile, my name is Jake Long and in today’s video, I want to talk about tomorrow’s DCU announcement. I’ll mention what I think will be announced and a few things that I hope will be announced as well.

Well now we know that tomorrow, January 31st is “sometime” in January. All jokes aside, there could have been some recent finalizing as to what projects we would hear about this month, so it is what it is. As for the details of the announcement, first off, I think it is a good bet that we will hear about a Superman movie, and I do think that it will be slated as the first project in this first chapter of the DCU. Superman is after all, the cornerstone of DC comics heroes, and going along with that we know that Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman form the trinity for DC superheroes so I would hope that we hear about something involving Batman and Wonder Woman as well. Since we are only hearing about a few projects, I do have my doubts.

I think that each project would be a good opportunity to introduce 1-2 big characters in addition to the title character. I’ve made videos before about potential movie plots that include this idea. For example, the Superman movie idea that I had, included Martian Manhunter, and the Green Lantern movie idea that I briefly talk about in my DCU Phase 1 video would have Hawkgirl.

The second project that I think we will hear about is a Green Lantern project. I do hope this is the case, because it has been some time since we have seen Green Lantern on the big screen and if done properly, it could be a big hit. Another reason, I’d like to hear about Green Lantern in the announcement is because beyond the trinity (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) Green Lantern represents a unique aspect and story of the DC Universe that needs to be displayed and told in true cinematic fashion. This is the cosmic aspect.

While Superman is an alien, his main priority is Metropolis and protecting the Earth overall. This has led to him learning quite a bit about the Universe around him, and even leaving Earth, but there are numerous stories to be told about Green Lantern traveling the galaxy and sometimes the Universe, interacting with all sorts of species.

If we add Green Lantern to the trinity, we would have: Superman who fights big powerful bad guys often on a global scale, but typically protects Metropolis; Batman who mainly takes care of street level crime in Gotham, but faces down some super villains as well; Wonder Woman who mainly handles the interference of gods, and other magical beings with Earth’s citizens, but is quick to protect any city from any threat; and finally Green Lantern who travels throughout the galaxy sometimes working with other Green Lanterns and characters to face down a variety of alien threats while reporting to the Guardians, and then coming back to Earth to protect it as well. I hope that they bring in multiple earth Green Lanterns also. The Guardians could realize that this galaxy and especially Earth and it’s solar system needs more protection.

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If they announce a third project (which I do think that they will) then I hope it is either a Wonder Woman project, a Batman project, or a Justice League project. Lobo sounds fun, but I think it would be better if they give him a big role in the Superman movie and then from there launch either an HBO series or a movie series, in the middle part of this first DCU chapter.

Wonder Woman would be fun, especially if they tell us Gal Gadot’s casting fate. It would also be great to know that they are gearing up to include a strong fantasy/magic element in the DCU. There are a lot of Wonder Woman characters and stories that have to do with mythology (particularly Greek mythology) that could potentially be spectacular to see on the big screen.

Batman would also be exciting. If they have two Batman’s around the same time, there are a few ways that they can make the overall movies quite a bit different. The DCU has an excellent opportunity to capitalize on Batman’s super villains while the Reeves’-verse can focus on the more grounded street level criminals. However, there are still some characters that would be fun to see in both versions. And since Battinson is an early Batman, and the DCEU Batman was a well seasoned crime fighter, the DCU Batman would work perfectly somewhere in between.

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My biggest hope for project announcements is a Justice League movie. I don’t think it will happen, but I can dream. Whether it’s a Justice League movie where they all team up for the first time like in Guardians of the Galaxy or it’s an already established team where one or two new people come in like the first X-men movie, I think it could work, and with James Gunn behind it, the chances seem even better. You can read more on my theories about that in this post: Why the DCU Should Start with a Justice League Movie.

My final announcement that I hope we will get but I sadly don’t think we will is that we will find out which actors if any are coming over from the DCEU. Jason Momoa’s excitement leads me to believe that he will become Lobo, and I almost think he will stay as Aquaman as well, but I have a gut feeling that he won’t, and I don’t think Aquaman will be involved in this announcement. However, James Gunn might answer that question if someone poses it to him on Twitter.

We already know the fate of our beloved Henry Cavill so I think it’s time that we hear about the others as well. Now I know they may still be in the decision making progress for some of them so that is understandable. With Ezra Miller’s Flash movie not coming out until the summer, I think they’ll avoid any announcements about that character for a while. At the very least, I hope that we can get official word about Gal Gadot. While I am sad about Ben Affleck being done as Batman, I think it is something that he is ready to move on from so that one doesn’t hurt quite as bad as the others. However, I’m sure many of us still would have liked to seen one last team up from the Snyderverse, but I can understand how that might not be seen as the best move, nor do I expect it.

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Hopefully tomorrow we will learn about at least three DCU projects and hopefully there will be some details such as villains, and supporting characters that will be in the movies as well. No matter what happens, it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. It’s exciting to think of what James Gunn and Peter Saffran have in store for us.

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