5 X-men Story Lines We Need to See in the MCU

The X-men canon is full of incredible and fascinating story lines. Some of which, we have seen cinematic adaptations of and some that we haven’t. While the Phoenix Sagas still need their proper adaptations, and will hopefully get them, here are 5 other great story lines that would be exciting to see in the MCU.

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Number 5: Mojovision

With Thor Ragnarok, we saw the Grandmaster hosting some gladiator games in Sakaar, but Mojo’s Mojovision provides a whole network of shows. Mojo lives in an alternate dimension and kidnaps stars for his shows from all over the Multiverse. This dimension isn’t an alternate timeline, so it could still stick around if the MCU decides to only go down to one timeline after Phase 6.

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Not only do these shows have fights, they have other story elements like love, drama, and comedy. Although the stars are technically slaves, they learn to put on a show in order to survive. The members of the X-men are a few of the occasional stars who refuse to play by the rules when they can get away with it. In addition to the Savage Land and the living island Krakoa, Mojo’s world is another place that the X-men could have been stuck while events were going on in the MCU, but with a rebooted Multiverse it probably won’t be necessary to use it for that purpose.

Simply escaping Mojovision might not be enough for a complete X-men movie, but it would be great as a subplot, and a great opportunity to introduce some great characters like Longshot, Spiral, and Mojo himself. In one of the X-men movies, some of the X-men could get captured by Mojo while others could be off fighting other villains.

Number 4: The Savage Land

The Savage Land isn’t exactly a story line, it’s a physical place in Antarctica that is involved in many different story lines. The Savage Land is a jungle like area that exists in Antarctica because of a ring of volcanoes that surround it, keeping the land warm and humid. The Savage Land has many exotic and even prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs. Bringing dinosaurs and mutants into the MCU at the same time may seem like too much to some people, but I’m definitely not one of them.

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In addition to dinosaurs, there are other prehistoric creatures like Sabretooth tigers and a variety of people including swamp men, and mutates which are people that were mutated after birth. These ones were mutated by Magneto. There are also many villains that the X-men can face in the Savage Land while also having to deal with the local environment.

In X-men the Animated series in the 90’s, the X-men fought in the Savage Land a few times, facing villains like Mr. Sinister, Sauron, and Garrok. It could work as a great hideout for Magneto at some point, and he could even lure the X-men there to finish them off. It could also be used as a place that the X-men have been held in captivity or have been hiding during the events of the MCU that have taken place since around 2008.

Number 3: Asteroid M

Asteroid M or the Avalon is Magneto’s space station that he creates as a safe haven for mutants. Having his mutant civilization floating above the Earth provides insurance against mankind attacking it since the impact of it falling to the Earth would potentially result in numerous casualties.

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In the comics, when the asteroid base is rebuilt into the Avalon, the world’s governments decide to use a network of satellites to disrupt Magneto’s powers. Magneto finds a way around it and sends an electromagnetic attack on the Earth, and the X-men retaliate. Before Magneto can kill Quicksilver, Wolverine strikes first. Magneto recovers and uses his powers to rip the Adamantium metal out of Wolverine’s body. This leads into the number one story line on this list which is Onslaught.

Bringing Asteroid M into the MCU timeline right before or along with the Onslaught story would make sense, and it would be a good way to show Magneto making attempts to avoid all out war between humans and mutants. Of course, as usual, it all goes south as it often does with Magneto. Asteroid M could also work well in connection with a second Civil War story line.

Number 2: Age of Apocalypse

We may have seen Apocalypse appear in one of the Fox movies, but the Age of Apocalypse would feature a much different story line. This may be one of the toughest story lines to pull of since there is a good chance that alternate timelines are going away after Phase 6 of the MCU. It seems that it may be necessary to do away with the multiverse in order to permanently get rid of Kang. Perhaps they will keep a few different time lines as long as Kang is not a part of them. Whatever they do, the Age of Apocalypse is an incredibly fun concept and story. It would be a shame for the MCU X-men to not experience some variation of this story.

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It starts off with Professor Charles Xavier’s son, Legion going back in time to kill a young Magneto. Professor X sacrifices himself and jumps in front of the blade causing Legion to kill him instead. Without the Professor to gather the X-men and train them properly, Apocalypse rises up and takes over the world. Magneto founds the X-men but it is not soon enough and not good enough.

The timeline eventually gets fixed by Bishop who was traveling back in time and somehow ended up in this alternate version of his past. Magneto sends him further back to when Legion accidentally assassinates Xavier. It seems that this action may work given the theory that if the Avengers return the Infinity Stones to the exact point in time and space where they left. In the comics, Bishop ends up plunging Legion’s psychic blade into Legion’s own chest. This would still result in an alternate timeline, but it may not be much different than the original. A more appropriate solution would be to knock out Legion as soon as he gets there, and take him back to his own time.

It would be captivating to see the X-men characters living different lives in this much different world, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the MCU did something much different. After all, the Avengers Age of Ultron movie was much different than the Age of Ultron comic story line. However, Apocalypse could potentially be the big villain for the third saga of the MCU, and if so it would potentially be amazing to see him as the villain for more than one movie, and this could be a great one. If not, a few characters from an Age of Apocalypse timeline at some point during the Multiverse saga would be fun to see. They could even have Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse meet his Moon Knight. And while they’re at it, seeing Ultron come back at some point would be nice as well.

Number 1: Onslaught

The Onslaught story in the X-men centers around Professor Xavier, and Magneto but heavily involves the X-men, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and other Marvel heroes. It starts with Magneto ripping the Adamantium metal off of Wolverine’s bones and out of his body. This atrocious act, influences Professor Xavier’s decision to enter magneto’s mind and shut it down. However, when he does this, Magneto’s psyche enters into Xavier’s mind. Somehow, his powers come along for the ride as well. Eventually, the dark sides of Magneto and Professor Xavier’s minds take over and Professor Xavier is transformed into Onslaught. He defeats the X-men and searches for more power. It just has too many interesting elements to pass up.

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There are many more great story lines from the X-men canon that can be included in the MCU, so if we don’t see these ones, hopefully we’ll see other great ones like alien invasions from the Brood or the Phalanx. This could be a great way to introduce the Sh’ar empire before the third attempt at adapting the Phoenix story. Despite the obstacles with the story lines, the biggest obstacle might be with giving so many fascinating characters enough time to shine.

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